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Windows OEMSW is committed to helping businesses gain the access they need to Windows operating systems, Windows software, and Windows applications. Today’s businesses rely on this technology to run many aspects of their business. You need this technology for your day-to-day operation, but that doesn’t mean you should be paying top dollar. With Windows OEMSW, you won’t. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and we offer these tech features at the lowest market price.

Yes! The lowest market pricing for Windows operating systems, Windows software, and windows applications. We work exclusively to ensure that our business customers have the licensure they need to operate these features at the lowest price possible.

How Do We Charge Such Affordable Prices?

Windows OEMSW is a global Microsoft Office and Windows product key supplier. Our company is a:

  • Microsoft Value-Added Reseller
  • Microsoft Government and Education Reseller
  • Microsoft Academic Reseller
  • Microsoft OEM System Builder


Genuine Microsoft Windows OEM Software


Genuine Microsoft Windows OEM Software

Why Choose Us?

Please check our certificate, this is Microsoft’s authorization certificate.

Windows OEMSW has been serving businesses and organizations worldwide for the past five years. We’re constantly moving into new markets, helping businesses all over the world get the Windows and Microsoft products they need to run their operations. We feature the same first-rate Windows and Microsoft products that you’ll find offered with larger companies, but you won’t find a better rate.

We are committed to providing these must-have solutions at the more affordable pricing. If you like to pay top-dollar for tech tools, maybe we aren’t the company for you. However, if you love the idea of getting Microsoft and Windows products at the most competitive pricing, choose Windows OEMSW. We think you can put your cost-savings to other uses–use it to support other areas of your business.

We Aren’t a Cookie Cutter Software Provider

Here at Windows OEMSW, we’re certainly not your average software provider – in fact, we’re much more.

We’re interested in helping businesses secure the lowest prices on all of their required OEM software products.

Windows OEMSW isn’t your ordinary software provider. For our company, nothing is more crucial than ensuring that our customers get the best value for the products they need. We want you to maximize your investment in Microsoft and its products. We know that keeping pace with technology is paramount for today’s businesses, but it’s also expensive. Embracing each new operating system or application can have a dramatic effect on your business’s push for success, but it can also strain its budget. That’s why we invite you to partner with our business; let us fulfill your Microsoft and Windows needs so you can save more money.

Still not sure we’re different than the rest? We invite you to request a quote. Then, compare our pricing to the others. In many cases, you can achieve 70% off the market price. That’s a level of cost savings you can’t–you shouldn’t ignore. Plus, as a Microsoft Gold Agent, we can offer a lifetime guarantee. We also feature a trusted PayPal / Amazon platform with its own secure and traceable transactions. We are certified, reputable, and dedicated to providing the best pricing with the best-possible customer service. We can’t imagine doing business any other way.

Your best business partner

WindowsOEMSWOther suppliers
PriceUp to 60% savings10-20% savings
GuaranteeLifetime; We are a Microsoft Gold AgentQuality not subject to guarantees
Delivery time3-5 daysUnknown
Safety of tradementSecure, traceable transactions on major 3rd party sites, including Amazon and PaypalUnknown
Your profitUp to 150% profitup to 20% profit

Our Products

Windows OEMSW is pleased to feature a wide array of Windows and Microsoft products that you can peruse here. Some of our most popular offerings include:

  • Microsoft Windows Software wholesale
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Sever 2008
  • Windows Sever 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Office 2016
  • Office 2019
  • office for MAC
  • Windows OEM Software
  • Windows license
  • Software OEM: Custom software language, custom DVD, custom COA stickers, system projects and so on.

You know Microsoft. You know Windows. These are state-of-the-art products that you need to run your day-to-day business. Why not get them while maximizing your profits. After all, doesn’t the 150% profit that we offer sound a lot better than the 20% profit our competitors are offering?

Be sure to check out our products. Then, let us know what items you’re interested in by submitting the ‘request a quote’ form below. We’ll get back to you ASAP. Once you choose to order from us, you’ll have your materials in about a week; it’s that simple, and the money savings you’ll enjoy is available with each subsequent purchase. We hope you’ll decide to make Windows OEMSW your go-to provider of Microsoft and Windows products.


We look forward to hearing from you. Email us to learn more about your question